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Daum = ‘Next’ + ‘Diverse Voices’

The word ‘Daum’ has two meanings in Korean: ‘Next’ and ‘diverse’. a pure Korean word, that means ‘following this one’. So, it has a philosophical
and future-oriented message that the company ‘will play a leading role in creating a
next-generation communication environment with the internet as a medium’.

The word ‘daum’ can also mean ‘diverse voices’ when written otherwise, since the
two Chinese characters 多音, literally means diverse (多) and voice (音).

The Meaning of the Daum Logo

The Daum logo is consisted of four different colors: D in blue, ‘a’ in yellowish green, ‘u’ in yellow, and ‘m’ in red. This is to imply that while things are seemingly apart from each other, they’re actually connected to each other on the network, while as creating other things. It reflects how those at Daum think about the future of the internet.

Rules of Daum Logo Use

The Daum logo is legally registered in compliance of trademark laws and cannot be used without permission.
The Daum logo must be used by following the rules listed below.

Daum 로고 규정

Daum 로고 규정

Rules of Reference to Daum

When referring to Daum and Daum brands without using the Daum logo, all the following requirements must be satisfied: References should be made as “Daum” in English.

  The first letter “D” must be written in upper case and the rest of the letters “a-u-m” in lower case.
Except for when it is impossible to write in English, “Daum” in Korean should not be used.
A reference to Daum in Korean will be permitted only when there is no risk of confusion between “Daum” and “next”, and/or it is deemed necessary to use a Korean-language reference to support a special adversting/publicity campaign.
Different rules will apply when the Daum logo is used online as opposed to offline.
Daum(O) DAUM(X) daum(X) 다음(X)

Basic System PSD | AI

Daum Font

The Daum font was uniquely designed to reflect Daum’s dynamic and innovative corporate image.
The simple, modern, and streamlined style of the Daum font is not only visually sophisticated, but also practical and convenient to use.
We hope the Daum font is used by as many people as possible.

Daum 전용 서체

Daum 전용 서체

Rules of Daum Font Use Daum holds the Copyright of Daum font.
You are welcome to download and use the Daum font for free without our explicit permission, except in following cases:
- You may NOT charge a fee for actual font files or their distribution.
- You may NOT resell or modify the font files for subsequent redistribution without our permission.
- The Daum fonts cannot be used for commercial purposes.
- Daum copyright or trademark approval should be included if Daum font is to be used in commercial products,
publications or BI/CI of corporation. For any other questions regarding the Daum font, please contact


copyright infomation

copyright Daum

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